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  • Prevents loss, keeps flashlight handy. GREAT FOR SCUBA DIVERS AS WELL
  • Recommended for small flashlights (Size 2AA to 2 C)
  • 20 Inch retractor line
  • Grab your light, Use it, Let it go...It retracts back every time!
  • Comes with heavy duty snap clip, attaches to D-Ring


Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of loss or the need to re-clip flashlight. Ideal when using your flashlight and you need to let go to use both hands! Recommended for small flashlights (flashlights that take that take 2 AA up to 2 C Batteries). Prevents loss, keeps flashlight handy. Example flashlight models: -Pelican Stealth -Pelican Little Ed -Streamlight 4AA -Princeton Tec 40 -UK 4A

Hammerhead Industries RT2-4412 Flashlight Retractor

SKU: RT2-4412